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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
February 11, 2007 at 12:40:29:

I continue to this day to recieve many messages from the Other Side, and to be given the gift of staying connected with the Teachers Of Light, even though my physical being is existing on the Earthly plane. This is because my inner soul has been given the passage to travel between the Earthly plane and the Spiritual plane whenever Im called upon, or whenever I call upon my Spiritual friends.
It was just last Fall that I took a drive out in the country to one of my favorite venues to meditate. A beautiful three mile trail around a resevoir with trees lined up looking like an Autumn Rainbow. The Burnt Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, Tan, and Brown leaves were so comforting to my eyes and my soul, and the sounds of running water from a stream, of a squirrel gathering acorns, of dogs playing in a meadow, and the sounds of the Amish horsedrawn buggys. This was music to my eyes. The smell of fresh rain, the country air, fragrance of flowers on the trail, and a freshly cut Clover field. With all of this I inhaled deep within my soul. So in this arena of Utopia the Teachers Of Light came to me loud and clear.
For one to contemplate about the Other Side, and what it has to offer you, you only have to seek the inner truth. For its about what you have to offer the Other Side, for its our journey on the Earthly plane that shall prep our souls for the teachings on the Other Side. It was then I addressed the Teachers Of Light about the purpose of a soul group. The Teachers responded by saying to me, " Why do you ask us when WE are of YOU? " At that moment I was told that I never have to call on them, because Im of them. With that said I was given a clear picture of soul groups as our Spiritual soul continues to grow. A soul group on the Earthly plane can be that of like minded people, or those whose souls are traveling on the same Spiritual plane. Many families on the Earthly plane arent exactly what you would consider a soul group, for a soul group is achieved by complete Spiritual bonding and sharing of unconditional love. Many families on the Earthly plane are related by blood, but not so much by soul. So soul groups can be achieved at many different levels, on the Earthly plane as well as on the Other Side.
Just like that I thought of what my Guardian Angel had told me in the nursing home, CONTINUE!!, and they will come. With that message fresh from my inner soul, I started to take a walk. I came upon a picnic table so I thought I would sit down and rest for awhile. A young lady came by with her dog and I said hello. She stopped and asked me if her and her doggie friend could sit down and rest with me at the picnic table. We talked for a couple of minutes and then a man and his wife came by, and we both said hello to them. The man and his wife sit down with us and joined in our conversation. Before you knew it we had almost 15 people, 2 dogs, and 1 cat surrounding the picnic table.
People were talking to each other about different topics, but they all had one thing in common. They were listening with their souls, and they were happy to have someone listen unconditionally. Before you knew it I was helping out a family in their grief process because they had just experienced the crossing of a loved one. Then one lady said, " who started this little show of friendship anyway? " The lady with the first dog pointed at me and said, " He did, and he only had to say hello to me. " Then somebody said, " This was so refreshing that we should do it every month through the Summertime, and put a name to it. " The lady with the dog then looked at me and said, " would you mind naming it since you started it? " I looked at all these beautiful souls standing around, and the colors of love surrounding us with natures beauty, and I said, " It shall be named, WHERE ANGELS GATHER, THE SOUL GROUP."
I did learn one very important message on this beautiful day, that they will come, AND THEY DID.

Reaching For Joy

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