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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
March 20, 2007 at 12:54:12:

It wasnt long ago out at a friend of mines house which is built on Indian Burial grounds, that I was given the gift to travel on a Vision Quest with Eagle Song ( Spirit Guide ) and Leon ( Holy Man ). It was on this majestic vision that we were to journey the River Of Life.
We began this journey in the middle of a very wide river. A river that has no beginning or ending, because our existence like the river, flows forever. As we were traveling the River Of Life I could see many other souls thrashing around in the water, and being pulled downstream. But we wernt headed downstream, as we were heading upstream againest the current. For this was/is the challenges in life were your journey is met with many obsticles, barriers, and trecherous waters. For its how we navigate the River Of Life that truly allows us to journey further upstream. As we made our way further upstream I couldnt help but notice that many of the other souls that were floundering in the River Of Life, were actually forming a line behind us. Leon ( Holy Man ) explained to me that we were actually breaking the water for them to make their journey a little smoother.
It was further on our journey that Eagle Song moved further ahead of us into a beautiful White Light, and this was a Light that I had experienced before during my second Near Death Experience. For this was the Light Of Creation. It was then that Leon ( Holy Man ) told me to look and listen closely to the figures in the Light. It was then in the Light standing by Eagle Song that a Bear and a Buffalo emerged. From the soul of the Bear a message was sent to us, " I have given you strength and courage while you journey the River Of Life, and with that you shall lead by example." It was then the soul of the Buffalo spoke, " I have given you warmth and food on your journey of the River Of Life, and with that you shall share with compassion. Then the Light became even brighter, and out of the Light I was embraced with the presence of my MOTHER and FATHER. I trembled with excitment as I felt their words deep within my soul, "for we have given you wisdom and direction, and with that you shall conquer the River Of Life."
Just like that I was back from my Vision Quest with Leon ( Holy Man ) sitting at my side. I was mesmerized and in a daze when Leon ( Holy Man ) told me that his journey and my journey were one of the same, and that very soon he would be taking his place with Eagle Song and many others. It wasnt but three weeks later that Leon ( Holy Man ) expired from the physical plane, but we both continue to journey the River Of Life.

Reaching For Joy

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