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marianne brown
August 26, 2007 at 23:07:03:

my son joey, who crossed into the light in november, has made sure the whole family knows he is okay. i cannot write all that he has done here, but suffice to say he laughs a lot..i pick up a lot of benevolent laughter from him, his dad, and my dad, and my second husband who are with him...i pick up their laughter with my 'feelings'...joey has even told me to stop being a drama queen..always saying it with kind laughter..it reminds me of how parents look at their kids when their kids are being silly...so everyone in that dimension look at me with such incredible love but roll their eyes at me like parents do..thats what i get as a'feeling'
joey has also told me to 'lighten up'. he has come thru and told me 'its not as serious as you think' he has also told me 'everything you need to know is already in you, mom'
i just felt like sharing. i get thru the days knowing full well that i am surrounded by all of them and more, they are the wind that keeps me functioning.

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