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April 06, 2008 at 12:30:15:

Hi Ken, I put a post on the ADC it has been directed for you, but of course as usual, others of course tend to read it and give their feed back..it is not meant to be for them..in the past many on that board seem to understand such posts to be, to be an attack..my post to you is not, is just a understanding of what I have understood given the ability to see, hear them too...I am not an expert on spiritual matter, but have asked from those on the other side and that is what I have come to understand given the answer. The readers in ADC room seem at many times to miss the point of learning, and attacks sometimes is what is given to those who always mean well..I do appreciate your post in that room, and glad to have read your NDE and what you learned from that experience..also what you are doing with that, it helps all of us including me..

But this is what I had posted, and what the colors mean from those on the other side...as how it was clearly given to me..
From the ADC message board:

Dear Ken, I would have to disagree with you on this one..the orbs or spirits from the other side appear the way they do, in a individual color because that is the level or growth they are in on the other side, that is what the color means..although as humans we do emanate colors according to our emotions, the colors of our energies or spirits is different.than the colors from energies, that surrounds them..what determines a change in the color after leaving the human life that energy had before is what that eternal being did, behaved and includes other factors as well, retraining and controlling from negativity is one..I have been blessed to see them, and communicate, after seeing each one surrounded by a different color that was one of my questions, they are surrounded in pure light and within the light is the color..I dwell on this question for days, I had seen Jesus whose color is the highest on the other side, his light and color is like very rich gold like..I was told by Jesus in due time, I was to eager to find the answer, and got it from my dad, whose light and color is of the color ocean blue..you see what we do here it does matter, their are many things we disregard and ignore, negative emotions do hinder and holds us back with spiritual growth..this is what I was told..we are humans and our emotions give off a certain color, maybe that is what you meant?

I hope that this message will give you insight, I was told to teach this by several energies, including Jesus, I hope it helps to understand....the life we lead, including our behavior and other factors is what determines what level we will be on the other side..as you may know by now their are many levels of realms on the other side their is not just one..what does holds all of us back are those things I refer to as negative..that said it applies all that is neg emotions, and acts..I was told by those on the other side after asking them for help, (if you like I can explain on another post as to why I asked for this)..but their answer is to watch how and what I thought..although you may be somewhat right as far as the list of what color represents while living this human life, that they represent as you mentioned are probably the color of our emotions, after all we are all energies...

Repeat from my other post: my dad as I mentioned on another post here about orbs color, his light is around him in the color ocean blue, every spirit or energy is surrounded with a different color in their light..depending on how and what they did, how to control their negativity, and other factors is what determines the next color we attain after leaving this human life...Miriam  

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