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Living for the NOW doesnt mean forgetting the past or not looking to the future, not really. You must understand that the past was once NOW, and the future shall soon be NOW. Stay with me on this, if you are thinking about the past or the future, then you are doing it in the NOW. So going back or looking forward, really means your living in the NOW.
I was at a lecture not long ago were a very prominent professor was speaking from one of our local universities. There was about 300 people in attendence that found him very interesting, and I also found him very inspiring. At one point in his lecture he stated that the only thing constant in the universe was change, and he then asked, " does anyone have a question on that?" Well, I looked around the auditorium and then raised my hand. The professor looked at me and said," Have I said something that disagrees with your thoughts?" I replied, " I dont entirely disagree with what you have said, but I just want to add on or contribute." At that point he said, " I dont understand. " my reply, " you will. "
I told him that he had said that the only thing constant was change, but he was just a little wrong, because for there to be change their must be a NOW. You could have heard a pin drop in the room with 300 people. I explained to everybody that NOW is even more constant than change. That NOW can include the past,present,and future on this Earthly plane, and on the Other Side NOW is forever, and forever is NOW. For change to exist there must be a time, and the Other Side is timeless. So on the Other Side were change still exists, its the concept of NOW that allows it to exist. Because even in the void of a dark space where change ceases to exist, there will still be the NOW.
The professor looked at me in bewilderment and said, " Where did you get these thoughts, and your knowledge of this? " A Chaplin who was with me jumped up and said," He brought them back from the Other Side. " The professor then looked at me and said, " Im I under the assumption that you have had a Near Death Experience? " My reply, " yeah two " He then said, " who taught you those lessons on the Other Side? " I then replied, " I recieved a crash course from the Teachers Of The Light. "
To make a long story short, Im having dinner with this professor in a couple of weeks, because he wants to learn more about teachings from the Other Side.

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