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Forgivness, The Most Precious Gift!!
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: I was at a counseling session not long ago when I was asked what the greatest gift a person could give someone. It didnt take me but a split second to answer that question, and my reply was, " FORGIVNESS " Besides being beautiful and precious, you dont have to wrap it because it already comes wrapped and encased in pure Love. Its very affordable because you dont have to purchase it, you just have to give it ( unconditionally ). Besides that, by getting rid of the extra trash, it makes your journey home alot lighter in the Light.
: Remember that someday when you cross to the Other Side, you may have to forgive yourself for not showing forgivness to your fellow, man, woman, pet, etc.etc. In my Hospice Counseling one of the greatest concerns by the ones getting ready to cross over is the fact that they want to know if they have been forgiven by others. Its like I tell them, to forgive yourself is your main priority in making your transition. The lack of forgivness can become an extremely heavy burden on two peoples souls. The one who should be forgiven, but mostly the one who wont forgive.
: The year was 1982 and my father and uncle became very angry with each other. They lived one block away from each other, and for two years they didnt even speak to each other. Oh yeah! they also worked at the same brewery togeather. Through those two years I stayed very close to my uncle regardless of the situation. Come to think of it, I was the only person he liked, including himself. You see, Im adopted and was his only nephew, as he never had children or was married. It was in the Fall of 1984 that I found out that my uncle had terminal Cancer, but he wasnt going to tell my parents because he was flat out stubborn and bullheaded. At times he would be very grouchy and he would never apologize for anything, but deep, deep down inside you could feel his love just yearning to be embraced. On Christmas day of 1984 I had invited my uncle down to my parents house, but I told him that my father wouldnt be there, as thats the only way that he would have came. My father was in the basement and there was a knock at the door. He yelled at me and my mom, and told us to answer the door. Well, we yelled back and told him that we were busy and that he would have to answer it. ( the stage was set, huh? )
: As my mother and I hid behind the French Doors and watched, my father proceeded to open the front door. At this time you could have heard a pin drop. My father said to my uncle, " what are you doing here? " and my uncle replied, " you wernt supposed to be here. " They both just stood there and stared at each other, and thats when I came around the corner and said, " By the way, mom and I were wondering if either of you knew what you were arguing about? " About a minute went by and I said, " thats just what I thought, your both stubborn and I will be darn if Im going to let this continue. As far as mom and I are concerned your BOTH FORGIVEN, and enough is enough. The next time we looked at them, they both had tears in their eyes. The funny thing about my uncle, he didnt think my father would be there, but he still had brought a Christmas gift for him to leave. But the best gift we all recieved that Christmas in 1984 was the GIFT OF FORGIVNESS.
: My uncle crossed over three months later with my father by his side. So today, I want you to think about someone who you think should be forgiven, or you have just had a misunderstanding with. Give them a phone call or send them an email or card. Go have coffee or tea with them. So rather its a serious problem or a small disagreement, FORGIVNESS COMES IN ONE SIZE, AND ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

: Reaching For Joy
: Ken


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