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September 02, 2006 at 16:18:09:

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September 02, 2006 at 10:59:08:

: : I have recently discovered what a true marriage is. For most women it's usually means giving your power away to the man. I have known men to give their power away too. My divine love and I have found each other. As we were meditating Tuesday night we went to a place of divine love...where we made the original commitment to love each other forever. That place has changed my view on marriage (I thought I would never get married again).

: : What a true marriage is:
: : 1.the meeting of 2 souls on a soul level before you fully meet on any other level.
: : 2. remaining individuals while becoming one on an energy level.
: : 3. Empowering each other.
: : 4. Having a divine love means you will change the world because the love you have for each automatically goes out into the world and changes it. 5. Divine love makes a marriage truly sacred.
: :
: : I know there is more to this and I am still "downloading" information from this space. If anyone is interested to hear more as it is "downloaded" let me know.

: : with much love and light,

: : Barbara

: Hello Barbara

: Thank you so much for sharing such wise words of truth with those here at Reaching For Joy. To know that your bonding with the Spirit and Soul of someone other than the physical attraction is the true message that is coming through loud and clear.
: Take care, and have a very beautiul journey with this very special soul. You deserve no less than total and complete happiness.

: Reaching For Joy
: Ken


Thank you so much. Denny and I deserve this happiness. The journey so far has been a very interesting one and it only has begun!

in love and light,


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