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September 08, 2006 at 10:33:35:

: Dear Ken,
: Whenever I have had a mediumistic reading , the mediums tell me that my parents are NOT in the same soul group but came together for the purpose of having me , their child.
: I guess they can still seeon another. They were 2 completely different people on the Earthly plane but it kind of upsets me to think that they are not together on the other side. My Mom was widowed for 33 years before she passed and missed my Dad greatly. She always said that she lost her best friend and indeed he was !
: Could you please tell me how that works? Thanks

: Sista!

Hey Sista

From the communications with my Teachers on the Other Side, I came to understand of the wise and sharing love that the souls groups shared on the Earthly plane isnt exactly how it works on the Other Side. The highly elavated souls have the gift to come and go as they please, but they still stay in contact with those whom they shared an Earthly or other exsistence with. Sort of like on Earth, two people get married from different families, but they go on to make a family of there own. You dont have to be from any certain soul group to make or be given the gift to give birth to your own soul group.
Gee whiz, I hope that didnt confuse you even more, but those were just some of my teachings.

Reaching For Joy

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