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: Hi again. I see a few familiar faces. :) I'm hoping this is the right place to learn a little more about meditation. I'm just starting out.

: I've been using a guided meditation cd that I like a lot. First you relax, and visualize light filling you and healing you. It's a lot like self-hypnosis - you go "deeper and deeper", then he counts back from 10, then you go down a staircase. And you're in a beautiful garden, where you are perfectly at peace, and can send beams of light to those you love, and you draw images of yourself at all ages into the light, so you accept and love yourself. Then he says you might see colors around you (haven't seen that yet) or that you might have a wise being in your presence that you can ask questions of.

: It's a little frustrating, because the first couple of times I did it, it knocked me out. I was totally, deeply, into it, and didn't remember what he said, but remembered having a beautiful being talk to me (but don't remember hearing her) who looked like a younger, more beautiful, happier me. And once I was able to remember asking questions, although I didn't see anyone, and had answers come to me immediately. But I haven't been so deep since.

: But still, when I've done it the 4-5 times since then, I get sooooo relaxed, and feel like I'm vibrating pleasantly all over. Do you all feel a tingly relaxation when you meditate, that lingers for a little while after? I've been listening to it once a day, although I skipped on the weekend, b/c I don't have a quiet house on the weekends. Any suggestions or input about a guided meditation cd, or meditating in general?

: Thanks!

Hey Julie

Thank you for visiting at Reaching For Joy, and Im sure I wont be the only one to respond to your very logical question. When I first started to meditate when I was in the nursing home, it was so very unusual to wipe everything from my mind, but thats exactly how I first got started into deep meditation. I personally meditated to music, and two of my favorites is Native American and Enya. Im now in a constant state of meditation, and theres many times that I actually have to ground myself to the Earthly plane.
As my Teachers from the Other Side taught me, that to first find complete solitude within our soul we must as I call it, Take Out The Trash! Thats ridding your entire Earthly Being of ALL negative energies. This in turn makes way for pure positive energy, and that is the energy that the Spirit Beings on the Other Side are attracted to. As for the tingling feeling that you have during meditation, that is more than likely due to the fact that your Spiritual level is rotating at a much higher frequency when your in deep meditation. As for hearing the messages from others but not seeing them, thats totally because you are now speaking in their language. The language of the purest of pure words of truth, the messages from telepathy.
Continue on with what your doing, because you are most certainly heading in the right direction. Have a very beautiful journey, and I hope to see/hear you back at Reaching For Joy.

Reaching For Joy


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