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: Hey Everybody

: Heres hoping that your having a beautamous day, and achieving your goals to reach your purpose in this Earthly existence. Oh yeah! Im a curious type of Spiritual enity so I was just wondering if you would share with everybody here, WHAT YOU THINK YOUR PURPOSE IN THIS EARTHLY EXISTENCE IS? ALSO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY TO ACHIEVE THAT PURPOSE?
: I shall answer to the postings on this poll in about three or four days. Thank you for stopping by Reaching For Joy, and hurry back because I shall keep the LIGHT on for you.

: Reaching For Joy
: Ken

I also am confused on what my purpose is. I have asked this question many times. I want to help others to feel the Knowing that I feel. I don't know how else to put it. I KNOW that we are spirits on a human journey here on earth. I have volunteered for hospice and I really, really hope I can help people who are dying and their loved ones to KNOW that it is alright. I look forward to going home myself. I am in no hurry to leave here, as my loved ones here need me and love me, but the thought of crossing over and going home is in no way negative to me. I guess I am getting off subject here, sorry. I just hope that my purpose is to help others also feel this way. That I WILL help people.

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