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October 12, 2006 at 15:11:53:


A question was asked of me not to long ago, what is it like to be with the ones getting ready to cross over? At first you must understand that some of these souls I have traveled with for more than a year. Its as if their the driver, and Im the navigator since I have been down that road to their destination before.
We form a wonderful and touching Spiritual bond right away. At this point in their journey through life, they tend to share with me their most intimate feelings. Many of these precious moments and questions of life arent even shared with their families or friends. Their trust in me becomes unconditional as our souls are bonded as One. Its within my Spiritual Counseling that I not only counsel those who are crossing over, but also with the Spirit Beings waiting for them at the crossing. The ones in transition becomes aware of their Spirit Guides, and family members waiting to meet them at the transition. In the case of many people who are terminal, they will experience a very special gift known as Near Death Awarness, and as I tell them that makes my job alot easier. Thats sort of Spirit humor, as they find it quite refreshing to see where I have been.
At this point I get to know the Spirit Guides, and Spirit Beings with quite an intimate Spiritual relationship also. They will share with me of past experiences that the one who is crossing has had on their Earthly stay. These are experiences that only the Spirit Beings would know of. The Spirit Beings and Guides tell me that by sharing these gifts, is kind of like giving them my business card, and resume of the Other Side. As the Earthly soul gets closer to crossing over, I can actually feel the soul of the one crossing, going in and out of their physical body. Doctors and nurses can relate to the crossing on a physical time table, but I can actually tell because their Spiritual energy flows right through my soul.
I have been asked if I touch and hold the persons hand? If they want me to, you had better believe I do. On many occasions I have held the hand of one who is crossing, and they look right at me and say, " is this really Heaven, or the Light is so beautiful. " By touching them they can see where I have been, and that validates the existence of the Other Side. At that time Im conducting their Spiritual energy to the Other Side. After all, we are pure energy that travels in LIGHT. As these souls get closer to crossing, there is one thing that they get concerned about, and that is LOVE. They want to make sure that everybody knows that they love them, and that all if FORGIVEN to others, as well as to themselves. In the final days and weeks of our intimate journey to the crossing, it becomes very apparent that Im not only a Spiritual Counselor, but now I also become their garbage man, and thats when we TAKE OUT THE TRASH. Thats when its time to forgive their best friend, themselves. Its then that the crossing is complete, and is absolutely beautiful.
Understand one thing, its very important that for you the Earthly Being, to forgive and not hold anger or resentment towards the ones who have crossed over, or are crossing. I know sometimes this may be hard to do but remember they have forgiven themselves, and someday you will have to forgive yourself, so why not get a head start now.

Reaching For Joy

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