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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
November 16, 2006 at 14:10:16:


I was on my way home the other day from a counseling session with one of my Hospice patients, when I decided to stop by the local Goodwill Store. I always stop to see if theres any Angel figurines that need rescued. I rescue them and then take them to my Hospice patients.
I found a small Angel figurine, and whilE I was standing in line a little girl started crying. Her mother didnt have enough money to buy her a little toy she had picked out. As I watched the tears flow down this little girls cheek, I knew just what I had to do. I looked at the check-out clerk and said, " you can go ahead and put that on my bill. " The little girl and the mother both gave me a big hug, and then the mother said to me, " How can we thank you? " My reply was, " just by seeing your little girl so happy is thanks enough. " With that said, the little girl and her mother left, and I then started to pay for my bill, when all of a sudden I saw a ray of light coming in from a window at the top of the store. At that moment I felt the extremely strong energy of a Spirit Being directing me to follow that ray of light to something on the floor.
I followed the light to an aisle at the end of the store, and there on the floor was an unopened box. I asked an employee where the box came from, and he stated that he had just brought it out from the backroom. I asked him to open the box, and he did. There in the box was the most beautiful ceramic statue of Jesus carrying a cross, that you have ever seen. It sparkled with colors from the rainbow, and was absolutely stunning. I asked the young man if it was for sale, and he said yes, but I would have to take it to the check-out clerk to find out how much it would be. At almost the exact same time I picked up the statue, the ray of light vanished.
I walked up to the clerk and asked her how much it was. It just so happened that the store manager was standing right beside her and said, " is this the man who bought the toy for the little girl? " The clerk said, " yes it is. " The store manager then looked at me and said, " It seems to me that your money isnt needed to purchase this statue today, because your kind deed for that little girl was payment enough. " The store manager then said, " I hear that you give good hugs, and I responded by saying, " Yeah! you want one? " So we gave each other a hug, and then she said, " I wish I had the words to describe how I feel right now, " and then I said, " Sort of like Reaching For Joy, huh? " She said, " Yeah! thats exactly how it feels, how did you know? " My response, " I just do."
Just as I was walking out the door, the check-out clerk said to me, " I saw you following that ray of light to the back of the store, and I was curious as to were it was coming from so I went outside. She then said that she was totally surprised when she stepped outside because it was 100% overcast. She then said, " if there was no light shining in from the outside, then were did that ray of light come from? " It was then that I glanced down at the statue and said, " from his soul to mine. The cleak then looked at me and said, " I have one more hug for you if you dont mind? "
Just think, six souls were touched that morning. The little girls, her mothers, the store clerk, the store manager, my Hospice patient, and most of all mine. Besides that I got five hugs out of it. PRICELESS!!

Reaching For Joy
Hugs, Ken  

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