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Replacing Emptiness????

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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
November 25, 2006 at 09:36:52:


I was out at the Zoo not long ago counseling with a couple whose two year old son had crossed over. The passing of a little one can be one of the worst experiences that an Earthly soul will encounter, or be able to overcome. But instead of flying over the mountain, you might try climbing over it. This is when your Spirit and Soul are put to the test, not only in the belief of the Other Side, but most of all from the belief within.
The young man and his wife said to me, " how do you replace this emptiness in our souls? " My reply to them was, " you cant, and never should replace that emptiness in your souls, but you can replace what now lies in that emptiness. You can rid that empty space of sadness, despair, lonliness, and anger, by filling it with happiness, joy, tenderness, and comfort." The young man looked at me and said, that all sounds great, but after our son crossed over we found out we couldnt have anymore children, and now were doomed. What would you do? " At that point I said, " its not what I did, but its what was done for me. Im adopted."
In many instances, somebodys loss in life might just be someones gain in life, and in this case you would be giving a small child a new life. Not only by adopting would you be giving a young child a new beginning, but you would be using that very special love that you have been given by your child that crossed over to be shared with another. The physical being of your child may be out of sight, but the birth that child gave to your soul with love, joy, and sharing, MUST LIVE ON. To waste such a gift would truly be a loss, not only to yourselves and the young child who need parents, but most of all to that young soul looking down from above.
By the way, the reason that Im writing this isnt only that Im adopted, but I just recieved a phone call the other morning from that young couple. They are going to be the proud patrents of a one year old adopted baby boy, and guess what? They asked me to be the Godfather. Im blessed!

Reaching For Joy

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