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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
September 30, 2006 at 10:32:19:


As I was at an inservice not long ago, I was asked the age old question if aliens exist. It was then that I explained to these people that our society uses the term aliens very loosely. The defining explanation of aliens is someone or something that isnt like you, or in other words not of your origin, gender, faith, and sad but true your beliefs. So yes, aliens do exist, not only in the far reaches of the universe but right here on the Earthly plane. So my question to you, what aliens are you refering to?
I shall now share with you that love isnt the only universal language. Two other universal emotions stand right beside Love, and they would be Forgivness, and Compassion. These universal qualities arent only found on this Earthly plane, but among all of our Creators creation through out the universe. To be defined everywhere in this vast universe, just remember that the Earthly Beings are known as Aliens also. But in the words of truth from the Other Side, there is NO such thing as ALIENS, just a big part of our Creators Creation, one of the ALL. Just by the mere fact that everyone and everything shares a common bond of love, forgivness, and compassion, goes to prove that we arent really aliens to each other at all, as we are ALL a huge part of our Creation.
Love, Compassion, and Forgivness is the vast language of universal Spirituality. A Spirituality that knows no limits and expands beyond time itself, therefore taking you to the Other Side where time doesnt exist. So then I was asked, " Where does Love come from? " My reply, " When I was on the Other Side the Teachers Of The Light showed me, and taught me that Love comes from the LIGHT, and the LIGHT being the foundation of ALL creation, for the LIGHT is of the CREATOR. After my first Near Death Experience at nine yers old, I spent two years at home because I couldnt walk due to having Rheumatic Fever. I spent many, many days outside on my glider swing scanning the sky for Angels and Aliens, and I felt the presence of both. From the heat of the Sun I felt the GIFT of life from our Creator. Without the Sun this Earthly plane would become a vast frozen tundra without the existence of most living things as we know them. The plant life and the animal life would cease to exist. So now that you know and understand what role the Sun plays in our existence, look around at the critters, plants, streams, mountains, oceans, and yes Aliens, and and appreciate the GIFT we have been given by our CREATORS LIGHT, the SUN. The GIVER of life from our CREATORS SOUL.

Reaching For Joy

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