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: : I shall now share with you that love isnt the only universal language. Two other universal emotions stand right beside Love, and they would be Forgivness, and Compassion.

: I was just wondering...About the Aliens? Many times I have heard people when speaking about being kidnapped by aliens, that they were poked and probed and they were left with fear and horror.

: I guess then I am asking two questions. Do you believe these people were really kidnapped.

: Two-if "love" is the universal lanaguage, then why didn't they understand that these people were horrified over the intrustions to their bodies?

: I certainly hope that my question isn't, too graphic. I have always wondered about this and perhaps you can help me to understand. thank you


Hello Amber

Thank you for visiting at the home of Reaching For Joy. As for your question about Aliens, I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge and experiences. Even though that Love, Compassion, and Forgivness are the Universal language, you must remember that these aliens that you speak of are also grounded to the material and physical planes. So therefore they also have flaws within their souls just as their Earthly counterparts do. They are growing and maturing Spiritually just as Earthly Beings are.
As for Earthly Beings who say they were poked and proped, I for one would not disagree or agree with them, but then again the Earthly Beings do the same process with many Lab animals. Our compassion must not only be limited to the Earthly plane, but it must include the entire Universe. As for my journey, it took me far beyond the limits of the Universe, it took me to the Other Side and beyond. Besides that, as far as we know the Universe has no limits.
Take care, and have a really beautiful day sharing love, compassion, and forgivness, huh? Trust me, those three qualities are the future, and the future is NOW!

Reaching For Joy

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